Sunday, August 23, 2009

The chaff

While I am aware that my sister was wed recently, I don't feel like writing a blog entry about it. Quite frankly, the followers of my blog don't know my family or my community well enough to have any emotional investment or sufficient knowledge of the references I will, well, reference for it to make the process worthwhile.

Let me just say, simply, that the whole day was perfect. Quite literally. Besides, I've ráiméised enough to all of you about it already.

Here's fate kicking you in the stones; way back when, I applied for a place in the Oifig na Gaeilge Scéim Cónaithe (the Irish language house). I wasn't accepted. Last week, I found a spot in Ranelagh, a grand little studio apartment that suits my limited needs just fine.

Two days spent in Dublin to bring the sordid process to an end. Following my return to Clonmel, I received a call on lunchtime. It was Siobhán from the Oifig telling me that someone had pulled out of the Scéim and she was offering me a place.

Having paid my deposit on the flat in Ranelagh, I couldn't take it. FML.

Word to the wise; don't drink brandy.

Maybe I'll post more regularly. Maybe I won't.

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