Friday, May 8, 2009

Trekkin' on through

While waiting for the S-Bahn to depart, I absent-mindedly perused a copy of Glamour, which promised "the 18 questions that will bring you happiness." My curiosity was piqued.

Question the first: which of my friends do you like best and why?

Rest assured, ladies, that if he answers Katja because of her sense of humour and her love of a good party, do not be put out. He does not want her over you, he loves you and merely likes this part of Katja's personality.

Last time I turn to a women's fashion magazine for life-changing advice.

In other news, I went to see Star Trek (in English, thank Christ). It's a highly enjoyable romp (this time, that word does actually suit the film in question) but good Lord, it will make hardcore Trekkies puke up their rectal passages.

Abrams literally throws canon into a black hole and consequences be damned - and I applaud him.

How was he ever going to satisfy the series' loyal adherents by sticking to canon? I'm sure the vast majority of them dropped their Cheetos in horror when his name was announced as the next captain of the good ship Enterprise, so whatever he came up with, they were always going to be on the internet within minutes of the advanced previews registering their disgust with the world.

So, JJ Abrams being the innovative soul he is, took his own spin on the series and plotted his own course, free from the shackles of history, and the franchise will ultimately be all the better for it.

I'd like to think of it as a respectful move. He's admitting his own inability to adhere to the soul of what's already being established, so he wants to do things his way, without desecrating what's already been established.

Kirk is still brash, ingenious and compassionate, Spock is still the logical, clinical straight man, Scotty is Simon Pegg (brilliant!), Bones is all snarls, sarcasm and "dammit Jim, I'm an engineer, not a physicist!", Chekov gets cheap laughs for his accent, Sulu is quiet and determined and Ulhura is hot. He hasn't tampered with the basics. He's just taken the best of the series, dispensed with the chaff and fashioned his own kick-ass starship. I've got four words for this new take on a timeless classic;

Live long and prosper.


  1. "Oh come on, you don't eat! You could eat like a bean; and you're done."

    Best film I've seen on the big screen since TDK.