Thursday, May 28, 2009

...and release

...and breath in...

Given that it's been a period of time since I posted, a few things have naturally landed upon my chest like cumbersome burdens. And, as is normally the procedure with burdens of such a nature, I wish to remove them from my midriff. That is, to say, I have a few things to get off my chest. Unwarranted verbal clutter, how are ya.

The Ryan report. The report which brought psychologists to tears. The report which finally lifted the lid on the endemic, widespread, accepted psychological, physical and sexual abuse went on in various institutions of care under the trusteeship of the Catholic Church.

What the fuck can you possibly say to it?

Apparently, Irish bloggers have described it as our nation's equivalent of the Holocaust. While I wouldn't necessarily go so far myself, the emotional earthquake it has triggered throughout the nation is one of whose tremors we will feel for some time to come. I think this gentleman's contribution sums it up perfectly. His name is Michael O'Brien, he is a former mayor of Clonmel, my own home town. Why I don't know him personally, I can never even begin to fathom his own personal emotional hell.

On a far more trivial note, and forgive me for following an issue of such severity with this trivial bullshit, but Duke Nukem Forever is finally cancelled, after a development time of, well, forever (12 years for you pendants out there). Once again, another gentleman has described this farcical situation in a much superior fashion to any attempt I would make to do so. Well done, 3D Realms, you gigantic wastes of reproductive product.

As utterly strange as this may seem, both situations have similarities. In both cases, certain groups were entrusted with large amounts of money and property with the provisio of providing a service for those who needed it. When the utter failure of both to deliver upon the tasks set to them was revealed, outrage ensued.

Please erase that last paragraph from your memories. I can't believe I just tried to compare the failed development of a fucking computer game to the decades-long abuse of the children of Ireland by those we revered and trusted most.

It's laughable.

So is the fact that we let such an atrocity that damaged so many for so long occur.

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  1. It's pretty bad that I know far more about a video game that doesn't even exist than I do about potentially the biggest national news event of the year.