Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What I did on my summer holidays

Well, I may as well call my ten-day old soujourn back to Irish shores
just that,considering it's the only holidays of any description I'll
get. Bloody German education system...

Ten days of catching up, drinking up, toying, tinkering, talking and
tittering in Clonmel, Dublin, Limerick and beyond. Actually, sorry,
that's all three of them. Didn't seem as impressive on their own,

Clonmel brought me back to my usual comforts; decent pints,
poker and four people in one bed. Cheers for shoving me via
Leyla out of the bed, Hally. Last time I put your drunken ass
to bed. Never mind, I took your money a few days later.
Home cooking is always a great draw. Bacon and chicken?
Surely you can't be serious? I am serious, and don't call her
Shirley. She's Anne, she's my mother and she's lovely.

My fractured relationship with Dublin continues. Tuesday
and Thursday she was a bad, bad bitch. But I have my new
laptop and my iPod is fixed, so even in her misery, she's a
goddess. Don't kiss me now sweetheart, I'll see you soon.
Saturday night was a joy. Annexed into wonderful new
company and all that. Apparently I'm writing to my local
TD after that night, Orna. At least, that's what my
fogged-up memories tell me.

Limerick, she was short and sweet, but she was beautiful.
It may have been men against boys, and so it shall be in the
first warm weekend of May when we show them what a real
All-Ireland semi-final looks like, but we can't all have as much
fun as Fiona. Steady, now.

I'm back now. Thanks for having me. I'll see you all again soon,
no doubt.

It was lovely.

when I'm with her, I'm the richest man in the town

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