Friday, March 20, 2009

Tax this, you cunts

Anger does not beget coherence, so forgive me if this descends into a rant.

Since this whole sick debacle began, it's highlighted the hypocritical and reactionary nature of a Fianna Fail government like no other event in the history of the Irish state. A slight exaggeration, perhaps, but fuck it, I'm in that sort of humour today.

Fees, or some forms of payment, for third-level education are being re-introduced, as of 2010.

That's right, kids. The government who has maintained a steadfast commitment to investing in education and making sure it flourishes, as it's our only way out of the economic downturn, have flipped the giant bird to students up and down the country by promising to slap extortionate fees upon them for their bald faced cheek in seeking education. Well done, Biffo and co. Well done on succeeding in releasing your grip on any hope of this country ever pulling itself out of the quagmire that you led us into.

Education leads us to the taxation which will finance further education. Graduates naturally gravitate towards higher paying jobs, thus paying higher taxes which feed back into the education system. Fees or whatever fancy moniker you wish to paint upon them are nothing more than a barrier to education. They feed social segregation and push away the classes which have benefitted most from free education. It's counter-productive in the extreme and it's a move that will see the government reaping what they sow - a country which will soon be blighted by a massive brain drain in case of a graduate tax or no graduates at all in the case of fees.

The duty of the government is to fulfill the will of the people, to make the decisions requested by the electorate. In this move, they have ignored the wishes of a sizable proportion of the same electorate.

This will come back to haunt you, Batt. You know it.

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