Thursday, February 19, 2009

Striking while the Anvil is hot

Anvil! The Story of Anvil is a film which reaffirms your faith in optimism. A story of the little band that could and tried their hardest, it's a wonderful tale of faith and love. Comparisons with This Is Spinal Tap are both apt and faulty - while Spinal Tap was all about rock's egos, excesses and pomp, Anvil! is about two guys who just wanted to be in a band - for forty years of their lives.

It really is a emotional rollercoaster. There are moments of profound sadness, like the gig in Romania in a venue which can hold 10,000, but only 147 show up. It can be poignant, like the frequent freak-outs on behalf of singer Lips, who usually finishes with expressing his deep-felt love for his bandmate and friend Robb Reiner.

The Spinal Tap allusions are healthily embraced - a shot of an amp being turned all the way up to 11 being a case in point. But it's a much more profound film than Spinal Tap, with some serious statements to make on commitment and friendship. These boys are going nowhere, but they don't care. They've just wanted to be in a band since they were 14, so now they're living the dream.

I won't continue, for fear I spoil some of the film's better moments. It's a film you need to see, though. It's probably the most uplifting experience I've had since Slumdog Millionaire. Anvil will rock long into the decades, and so will this film.

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