Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Party politics

Having spent the vast majority of my day in the company of USI and other students' union officials at the annual Lobby of the Oireachtas, as well as passing a portion of same at the CONSOLE Snowdrop Launch, I have come to the following conclusions;

- Ned O'Keeffe isn't exactly the most progressive of politicians.

- Mattie McGrath is surprisingly considerate.

- One can, in fact, subsist on a diet of free coffee, tea and sandwiches.

- Ed Byrne is a lot shorter than he looks on TV. Top man, though.

- Not a lot of TDs or Senators know about the Australian system of student loans' failure.

- David Norris is pro fees. Didn't see that one coming (hwuh hwuh hwuh.)

- Even USI officers get tired.

- Without the moon landing, we wouldn't have Teflon.

- At one point, NASA employed one quarter of the US workforce.

- Mackey, your father's the Fianna Fáil head honcho in Boolavogue!

End transmission.

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