Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Slumdog millionaires?

I left Slumdog Millionaire tonight on an emotional high; it's a smashing feelgood hit. But this brought me down to earth a bit;

"Rubina Ali (who played Latika as a child) was paid £500 for a year’s work and Azharuddin Ismail (who played Salim as a child) was paid £1,700. The child actors continue to live in makeshift shacks in the slums of Bandra, a suburb of Mumbai. According to the UK newspaper, The Daily Telegraph, Ismail's home has been demolished by the local authorities and he now sleeps under a sheet of plastic tarpaulin with his father, who suffers from tuberculosis."

Director Danny Boyle has insisted that trust funds were set up for both children and that their educations were paid for. It's not the first bit of criticism the film, which is tipped to take this year's Best Picture gong at the Oscar, has garnered. Critics in India have accused it of demonising Hindus, purveying "poverty porn" and grossly generalising life in India on the whole.

I'd still recommend you see it, and take from it what you will. I found it fascinating and utterly uplifting, a story which is fundamentally based on human relationships and rises beyond the political (even though some scenes are indirectly political in nature.)

Still, it seems that not everyone involved with Slumdog has been made a millionaire.

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