Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Everybody chill the fuck out, he's got this

Another Barack Obama-themed post. Realistically, "Barack our world" should have been posted today. Whoops.

I must admit, when the Democratic primaries began all that time ago, I was a Hillary Clinton supporter. I spouted all the clich├ęs about Obama (he's inexperienced, he's all rhetoric but no substance), while I praised Clinton for her experience and for her knowledge of the political game - come on, you really think Bill was pulling the strings during his two terms of office? (well, someone was certainly pulling his strings...)

Once it became clear that Clinton was willing to resort to dirty tricks and was losing her facade of calmness, it was evident that Obama was the superior candidate. The man is coolness personified; he never gets heated, he never loses his temper, but he can still be passionate, as we saw during his inauguration speech where he called upon not just Americans, but all the peoples of the world, to dig in and fight back against the global recession with hard graft and optimism.

Yet still, the right will find pointless reasons to rail against him. Ann Coulter, a right cunt with ears if ever there was one, insists on referring to him as "B. Hussein Obama", as though his middle name gives some deep, personal insight into his political and religious persuasions. Thankfully, the louder and more inane their shrieking becomes, the less attention will be paid to it.

Give him a chance, though. He's not Jesus Mk II. It's quite possible that once he's briefed, any plans for radical change will go out the window once he's faced with the reality of the situation. What's most important is that he's bringing a measured, considered approach to a situation which demands just that.

I think this sums up the situation quite accurately;

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